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Dolores Park

Dolores Park

Edie Eve

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Jo Jo

Jo Jo

Kay Tastrophe

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Morgan Hardcore

Morgan Hardcore


Fortune Cookie


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Pei Pei

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Siouxsie Q

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Trinity Foxxx

Trinity Foxxx

Turkish Delight

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200 Replies

  1. Manong Mullette Sep 3rd 2013

    After reading in the newspaper about the closure of the Lusty Lady a visit was definitely required. I went on Saturday, August 31, 2013, maybe 10 years since my last visit to any strip club. After leaving the LL, I thought, “What took me so long to go there? I’m a total idiot for waiting so long. I really had a good time.” So, I returned for their final night and I’m very glad I did. I felt I witnessed local history.
    I wish the absolute very best for all the Lusty Ladies. I hope to see them again soon.

  2. Shotzi is the hottest women I have ever seen perform. Period.. Thank you Shotzi – For your Awesomeness!

  3. This evening was my first time at the Lusty Lady. I had a very nice private pleasure session with Yvette. She’s a real sweetheart who really got into it.

    Thanks for the great time, baby!

  4. Yvette-knows-who Apr 26th 2013

    T-shirt idea!
    Front: “is that critical mass in your pants?”
    Back: “Yes it is, and I’m happy to see you!”
    Well, Yvette thought it was funny!

  5. Selina,

    Usted es atractiva, Me vuelves loca. Thank you for all the lap dances and show you sexy piece of work!! John

  6. squash blossom Mar 30th 2013

    Nurd POWER!!!!! You guys rock the WORLD!!!!!

  7. squashblossom Mar 24th 2013

    LOVE the youtube video: Aurora and Roxanne REPRESENT!!!!

  8. Another great visit with some lovely ladies yesterday. You girls had me so hard and I shot sucha huge load..THANKYOU! I love watching you all and I hope you liked watching me…SeeYaSoon!!

  9. dragon Jan 23rd 2013


  10. Who was the gorgeous blonde with the cool tattoos working around 1:30 today? Was that Gia? I can’t find a pic of her to tell for sure. I want to make sure that I plan my next trip to SF on a day when she’s working. Why the hell did my buddy have to take me there on a day when I only have THREE FUCKING DOLLARS??? How embarassing. I’ll make it up to her next time.

  11. Had a great visit to the Lusty Lady today. Paradise is so sexy, thanks for the fun in VIP!!

  12. Had another great visit to the Lusty Lady today. The beautiful sexy ladies never fail to get me cummin a couple times. Special thanks to the super cute black girl with the star tatoos on her, your body is fso abulous I want to eat you!!!!! Thanks for the wonderful stroke!!

  13. I saw a tall girl late on sat. night wearing a tie and I have never been sooo turned on in my life. Any chance she’ll marry me? I have ring:-)

  14. frances, i think I’m in love. you are fucking beautiful

  15. scramble with friends Mar 21st 2012

    hi all,
    I’m a first timer (to any strip club ever).

    I just wanted to thank the amazing brunette, short, and perky that was there tuesday “night” or wednesday morning at 2:30 AM ish. I think she was in the main area straight across from the entrance?

    She kept her eyes stuck on me and I couldn’t turn away. It felt as though she was slowly undressing me with her eyes. It was exhilarating. maybe, I’ll see you soon?


  16. who was the blond girl that was dancing tuesday night, march 13? she was beautiful! i want to come back and visit you. thanks!

  17. Albert Prince Mar 11th 2012

    Saw Red tonight. Wow. Cant say anything more.

  18. I fell in love with Nihil last night. Wow and thanks.

  19. Brian Mar 1st 2012

    I was there on Tuesday around 11:15 and was mesmerized by the tall woman with long jet black hair. She was wearing red and black tights. I asked her for her name but she must have not heard me. Who was she? I want to see her all the time now!

  20. Moderator, could you please delete my last comment. I’m such a knucklehead. It was Lexi :) yum what a Goddess!!

  21. First timer here :) This is definitely THEE place to be folks!! Got to experience private pleasures with Virginia, what a treat! Gorgeous girl, sweet as candy and what an ass!! Then I went to watch the dancers and I couldn’t keep my eyes off Red! Beautiful, exotic, sexy as hell! Delicious A+

  22. Hi Jessica,

    I’m glad to hear it! I hope you both come back and get naughty with us again very soon ;)


  23. Some friends and I were entertaining some out of town visitors last night and we decided to bring them by the Lusty Lady. My friends all enjoyed the novelty of the peep show, but I was overcome by the sexiness of the dancers. There was one in particular, a sexy girl with dark hair and bangs, she had some bruises. I don’t know if the bruises were from an S&M lifestyle or crashing her bike, but I know she has the goods and I just want to thank her for a fun time; I sure wouldn’t mind catching her dancing again.

  24. Tiny Penis Loser John Nov 20th 2011

    Dear Lusty Ladies,

    i had one of the best times ever (again) this afternoon! i still can’t believe that for a tiny dollar you get to see the most beautiful and sexy and smart and fun females on the planet earth!

    ROXANNE is like a DREAM come true! Omg! She is sew much FUN and very special… although i better not pick favorites… cuz every woman there is very special… OMG!

    And, after She left VICTORIA invited me into a VIP thingy! And, Omg! The VIP thingy with Her is sew personal and is probably by far the WAY best entertainment in the whole world! And, She said she will be in Private Pleasures tomorrow! That is something else that i love two!

    i am just proud to go there as often as i can. i think it is the best thingy ever: The Worlds Only Unionized, Worker Owned Peep-Show Co-op! But, it is sew much more…

    They are all sew friendly and want to make you happy end… OMG! i just can’t explain it… i hope everybody in the world could go there!

    It be like ‘OCCUPY THE LUSTY LADY’ — IN A GOOD WAY, of course! – like gentlemen and gentlewomen and gentlecouples and gentleothers of course… They deserve to be treated with utmost respect. i em just sew proud and happy to go there!

    Your tiny penis loser john

  25. Stephen, perhaps that was me? I have at least three of those aforementioned qualities.

  26. Jessica Nov 5th 2011

    Hi Lexi,

    Wanted to let you know we thoroughly enjoyed our first experience tonight at the Lusty Lady! We hope to see you again soon. ;)

    J and T

  27. Reuben Oct 25th 2011

    Courtney, I saw you in private pleasure on Monday Oct. 24th. Thanks for the amazing show. I loved watching you play with your perky breasts and that tight little….oh dear…looks like I gotta go visit you again!

  28. MD – slender girl, striped stockings & peter pan tattoo – that would be Pan! Stephen – the girl in the pink tutu with piercings was Ava. and Harry, the very tall sandy-haired girl was Aurora!

  29. Roxanne Oct 14th 2011

    That was me, Roxanne. I guess guys DO make passes at girls who wear glasses ; )

  30. Stephen Oct 12th 2011

    Who was the girl on Tuesday and Wednesday? Both times between 7-9 in the evening. Gorgeous, with short black hair, small perky pierced nipples and a tattoo on her arm near her elbow. She was wearing a small pink tu tu like skirt.

  31. Hello all. Was wondering the name of the Lusty that was in the main room Tuesday evening the 4th of October around 9 p.m.

    Very slender, great glasses, amazing little breasts, striped stockings and a tattoo of Tinkerbell on her side (though now I am wondering if it was Peter Pan – I only let my eyes dart to it between taking in the rest of her).

    All of the Lusties are amazing but she was plucked straight out of my dreams! I’ll be thinking of her coy smile as the shade dropped..

  32. Friday afternoon (around 7) there was an amazing girl with rad black+red glasses and a tattoo on the back of her neck. Who is she? She is fantastic!

  33. Last night there was a new (to me, anyhow) girl named Pan and another one who fit Pan’s description, only more so — i.e., tall, slim, sandy hair, natural. Can you tell me who that was?

  34. That would be Roxanne ;)

  35. I saw a beautifulfit young woman with III tattooed on her chest. Could I get her name?

    Much obliged!

  36. Tania,
    You are as sexy as you wanna be. Looking delicious !!!!

  37. Tania,
    I saw you yesterday and you are gorgeous. Can’t get enough of you. When are you on next. Can’t wait to see you again. I am the guy who told you not to go. Wink!!

  38. admin Sep 9th 2011

    Sandy Bottoms has cupcake shoes. So cute!

  39. admin Sep 9th 2011

    That sounds like Battina. Yum!

  40. Shelly Sep 8th 2011

    Who was working in Private Pleasures on Monday night around 9 :30 or 10? I was there with my hubby and the gorgeous lady working left us wanting more. She had the prettiest skin and long dark hair.

  41. Reuben Sep 7th 2011

    Gia, thanks for an amazing Private Pleasure today! Love those gorgeous tits…can’t wait to see you again soon.

  42. Reuben Sep 1st 2011

    Who was the sexy Lusty on the main stage Thursday around 2:00 pm? She had just longer than shoulder length brown hair and wore pink high heels with cupcakes on them…I tried to get her name but she didn’t hear me over the Front 242 that was playing….which was fucking awesome to watch her dance to!!

  43. chris Sep 1st 2011

    There was a Latin girl with glasses working yesterday, Wednesday 8-31-11, at about 6 or 7pm. Really would like to see her again. Anyone know her name? Thanks!

  44. Early this morning, (Saturday around 1:45), there was a tall blonde with big perfect breasts, wearing a kind of blue body fishnet. Tattoo on lower back, I believe. SHe was gorgeous, who was she?!

  45. Dear Lusty Ladies,

    i just got back from the Lusty Lady. I used to go there a number of times every week for about 5 years and now I’m going to start going again and again and again… It is the best thingy ever!

    For a dollar, I mean you get to see the most gorgeous and sexy women on the planet earth. And, then i was invited into a VIP room! They had Private Pleasures before (and still do), but VIP… for me! omg! I mean, I was just proud to be there and then they let me into a VIP thingy.

    OMG! That was WAY the best thingy ever! I cannot explain how it makes me feel. But, if you try it… OMG!

    Thank you for the best day of my summer (until I come back later maybe tonite)

    YOUR tiny penis loser thingy john

  46. Hello George! I do believe it was me, Gia, you saw in the VIP on August 3rd– as I remember you talking about your Goddess. I don’t have a picture up on the website but you two should visit me in PP or the VIP. I’ll be in PP on Sunday the 14th at 3pm! And always available for VIP when dancing…We’ll have fun! Hope to see you soon!

  47. Ram, you’re most likely thinking of Ginger.

    JD, that could have been me, Tania, or Gray, or maybe even someone else.. could you give more detail? Any piercing/tattoos you can remember?

  48. George Aug 4th 2011

    I was in the newer private booth yesterday and shared some details about my goddess with the most stunning dancer. I could not find your picture anywhere on this site. My goddess wants to see your picture. Also I suck as I forgot your stage name. Remind me and I’ll be sure to bring my goddess as promised.

  49. heather Jul 31st 2011

    hi i was there about a week ago, late on july 24th. i still can’t stop thinking about all the fantastic girls i saw! they were gorgeous! is there a way to find out who was working that night so when i come back to town i can see the same lovely lusties?

  50. Reuben Jul 22nd 2011

    Storm, I saw you in Private Pleasures yesterday. Thanks for an amazing show and thank you for making it a great experience! Yet another reason to love The Lusty Lady!!

  51. I’ve been dying to see Violet perform, but she hasn’t been on the schedule in several weeks! Is she coming back? Please say yes…

  52. was at the booths saturday 1:30 am, she was tall, slender, natural unshaven..gorgeous, would like to visit her again

    what’s her name?

  53. Who was the sexy lusty on stage Monday around six pm, she had reddish (dyed) hair and was wearing a red (pink/orange hard to tell with lighting) short dress….

  54. Greg, that lovely lady was Roxanne! :)

  55. I’ve heard about some amazing squirt shows in Private Pleasures. Which lusties specialize in this category? :) I hope I get to experience it one day. :)

  56. David Jul 6th 2011

    I’m dying for the “secret” “weapons” ;)

  57. Sunday the 3rd of July around 1030pm, completely impressed by sensuality, charm, of a beautiful seductrice…you have bangs, a little tattoo on your chest (a roman number three or something like that?) personable and hot, hot, hot.., perfect ass, lovely brown hair. What is her name so I can enjoy coming to see her again? Thanks and be well. Gregorio

  58. admin Jul 1st 2011

    Oh, thank you!That as miss Kitty. Meow.

  59. You were all great at pride. Who had the pink wig?

  60. admin Jun 9th 2011

    That was Miss Trinity, and you are welcome!

  61. Last week was the first time I’d ever been in a strip club/peep show/etc.

    We didn’t stay long because I was with a friend not a lover so it was a bit awkward, but I wanted to thank the gorgeous woman with the mohawk and striped stockings for making my first trip such a treat!

  62. That sounds like miss Rusty. She’s going for a vacation soon, so come on back and see her ,and get a private show before she’s gone!

  63. johnny May 21st 2011

    hmmm friday 5/20 around 5:30pm, who was the hot voluptuous, very fit, yet curvy, glasses, large breasts, shapely ass’d dancer? She was also white and kinda tall

  64. admin May 9th 2011

    That would be Veronica.

  65. I saw a beautiful woman Thursday around 7 maybe. Jet black hair with bangs, porcelain skin, bows tattooed on her legs, pierced septum, and a stub I above her lip I believe. What’s this beauty’s name?

  66. Dear Alexander the Great & Mclovin’!!

    You both have a way with nick-name choice as well as tattoo recognition…I claim possession of the Egyptian Eye tattoo (I am often mistaken for my lovely fellow Lusty Arabelle, which I take highly as a compliment).

    You may say hello through my facebook account if you’d like – as well as check for updates on when I’ll be working next…

    <3 October

  67. mclovin Apr 23rd 2011

    which lusty lady has that Eye of Rah on her chest??

  68. Whoops, I mean Arabelle had the eye tattoo, not Turkish Delight.

  69. Alexander– That hot lady would be Turkish Delight! We’ll make sure she hears your appreciation.

    Christopher– Aw, thank you!! Would love to see you and your ladyfriend again soon. Those Chinese dresses are so yummy. Yes, I’m new to the Lusty and adore it! Xoxo

  70. we showed up last night, the 16th, around 1-ish and were in both 11 and instantly fell in love with i believe her name is Coral (new?). my lady friend was wearing and we seemed to be putting on a pretty good show ourselves!! love to see her and everyone else working that night again soon!

  71. Alexander the Great Apr 15th 2011

    Who’s the hotty with the Egyptian eyes on her chest? And how can I thank her?

  72. Diego Garcia Diego Feb 25th 2011

    My girlfriend came in on wed the 23rd between 11pm and 12:30 am. We were in booth 11 and caught the show of some very very hot cinnamon skinned girl that got my girlfriend and I to open up through pure indirect sexuality. We wish to know her name, and wish to thank her for the memories. Hope she enjoyed the show!

  73. We were wondering the name of the cinnamon skinned goddess that worked the stage on wed the 23rd between 11pm to 12-1230am.
    my girlfriend and I were in booth 11 for our anniversary!! Neither of us can shake that from our minds!!! One of the hottest experiences we’ve had as a couple. Wanted to thank her again! (personally if possible) LOL. Thanks again. Keep it sassy and classy!!

  74. James!

    That would have been foxy Moxie!

  75. Hey there, I was in earlier this evening (Sat the 22nd) between about 8:30 and 9. There was a really cute girl with shortish hair, a large chest tattoo and pierced nipples. Could you give me any clue to her identity?

  76. John and others, don’t forget that now we have the amazing VIP area. So next time you see a hottie onstage and she’s not schedule for Private Pleasures, ask if she’s available for a VIP show and she may be able to give you a live hot XXX private show that very moment in our brand new VIP booth. Heaven sent. Enjoy!

  77. charles Jan 11th 2011

    Who is the cute white girl with pierced nipples, one semi large tattoo on her thigh and wears i want to say a cross necklace. she was cute. very nice facial features. very cute

    Also, i checked the schedule, i came in about 1050-11.. when does evening end and late night begin. my search narrows her down to either:
    sadie, wendy, alex, rusty, eve, snow, onyx, paprika.

    OH, also, she had curly dark hair, not too long or maybe paartially put up. Sultry red lipstick.


  78. Maxine, thanks very much for the info on Tink.

    I’ll be watching for her on the schedule :)

  79. Maxine Dec 29th 2010

    John. I’m very certain that the blonde you saw was not Babydoll. She’s not blonde. I think you are referring to Tink. She was the only blonde during the time frame you gave 11am-12:30ish pm correct? Hope that helps. Also Dolores is blonde and was on stage later in the evening.

  80. Missing lovely Indica. I hope she is doing well–any plans for her return?

  81. Just a few more compliments to a couple more wonderful girls that made my day (again!) later on Tuesday afternoon ….

    Bettina was amazing and Courtney was also a dream-come-true. This was the first time I had seen either of these two ladies at the LL, and I’m sure glad that I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Outstanding shows from both girls.

    Unfortunately neither of these lusties was scheduled for PP during my recent visit, so I only got to watch them on-stage, but even on-stage they were both outstanding. Thanks so much for two more wonderful times girls … I can’t wait until I can come back and see you both again.

    I’ll also post reviews on in hopes of encouraging more customers to patronize this naughty-and-nice establishment and the hot, sexy, gorgeous ladies that make the LL one of my favorite indulgences on the planet.

    Great Job everyone – keep up the good work!

  82. I just had one of the greatest stage shows at the LL and I’m trying to find out who to pay my compliments to. She was a very cute blonde Lusty and she was totally shaved. I asked her name several times but the music on the stage prevented me from understanding what she said. She was on-stage from approx 11:00 until at least 12:30 which is when she gave me the wonderful show. I checked the on-line schedule and I know she wasn’t Arabelle, Cinnamon, or Rusty. Babydoll is also listed – was it Babydoll that gave me such a wonderful show?

  83. I just wanted to say hello and pass along my compliments to Sadie on this main page because she doesn’t have her own page on the LL website (I’m wondering why not?).

    Sadie, I saw your show both on the main stage and also in PP yesterday (older guy with a beard), and I just want to say that you were wonderful. You’re a very beautiful girl with a mischievous smile and VERY sexy eyes (the smile and eyes are of paramount importance IMHO). I see on the on-line schedule that you’re going to be on-stage tomorrow morning and you can be sure that I’ll be back for a repeat engagement. To all who read these postings, I highly recommend Sadie – she’s the perfect combination of hot, sweet, and naughty – the perfect Lusty!

  84. Oh heavens! Three black girls on stage AT THE SAME TIME! (sunday night, late night). The LL has finally discovered that black girls are so amazingly hot! Thanks! Please do this again and again. (also, one of them was a little shorter, rounder, and darker than the others. who was she? fantastically beautiful!)

  85. Hi Michael!

    I do believe that would be hottie T. Rex! She will be in Private Pleasures this upcoming Monday and Thursday so please check the online schedule for times.

  86. Michael Dec 11th 2010

    Hey I was in during the midday shift the other day and there was a wonderful woman with wings tattooed on her back and swallows on her hips. For some reason i didn’t get her name but I’m in town till Friday and would love to come and see her again. Always with my <3

  87. Jonathan Dec 5th 2010

    Thank you sexy Sadie for our date today. Being the holy day of worship, it was fitting that you saw fit to allow me to worship your feet. Thank you for all the encouragement, my nipples are pleasantly sore. Can’t wait to see you again!

  88. Cameltoe Dec 2nd 2010

    I have a historical question for admin (or anyone else who might know) … do you know what happened to Velvet? I’ve been a patron of the LL for MANY years, way back to when Velvet was an icon at the Lusty. I recently bought the “Live Nude Girls Unite” DVD (very well done and interesting BTW) and seeing Velvet again brought back many very fond memories of this naughty sweetheart who was my favorite Lusty for a number of years. Anyway, just wondering what happened to her. In addition to being smokin’ hot, she was also a wonderful person and I’m hoping that she’s doing well.

    Also, great job on the site which keeps getting better and better, and similar compliments on the LL herself which also continues to improve with every visit. Great job ladies!

  89. jon, the man in black Nov 30th 2010

    Sexy Miss Sadie, I got real crazy w/the foot worship and ended up losing my wallet hence no visit to private @ 1pm today. Anyone find it yet?

  90. Late night on november 28, there were 4 girls: midnight, a black girl, a blonde girl, and an adorable brunette with thigh tats and glasses. The online schedule doesn’t seem right and the phone schedule is even worse so it’s impossible to figure out who they were. Who were they? The glasses girl in particular.

  91. October Nov 24th 2010

    Dear Esteban,

    Why thank you sir. I’ll be back on Sunday the 28th, and for your ultra-sensational pleasure (and mine) – in private pleasures from 9-10:45pm. Do come back and see me…

    <3 October

  92. Paul,

    Tiger Lily is currently in and out of our dear joint and may be hard to find, but you may now find Ms Adore under the name Keira.


  93. I haven’t seen two of my favorites on the schedule in a long time. Are Tiger Lily and Adore dancing under different names, or did they break my heart and move on to something else?

  94. Esteban Nov 20th 2010

    Hey October! I saw you tonight and thought you were amazing. I love your eyes and tats!!

  95. Albert Prince Nov 7th 2010

    I saw Apple for the first time this morning. I’ll skip the fruit puns and just say “wow!” You said you’d be at the Lusty in November – Please stay longer! So cute and flirty – I thought I was going to melt.

  96. Harrison Nov 2nd 2010

    Do you guys have any hot MILFS on staff at the moment?

  97. @JerryCan
    Did you tell the woman who danced for you using your cell phone? If so, it was probably me, Tink. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I was super flattered and would absolutely love to see you again!

    P.S. I do PP now, you should come spend some time with me!

  98. Dear Mundt,

    Sorry for the delayed response…as of the moment we just dont know. As Im sure you have noticed Lusty gals have a tendency to make a very strong presence with us and then move on to other things. However, this doesnt mean that they are gone forever, as often happens some of our dancers find themselves drawn back time and time again. Apologies for the not to helpful response,

    Kind Regards

  99. Hello, I’m surprised that no one has responded still… Again, if it’s not too much to ask, I’d just like get a quick update on Pearl, and find out if anyone knows whether or not she will be returning to Lusty Lady. Thanks!

  100. Sandy,

    Thank you for answering my questions. I appreciate the time you took knowing how busy things are there. Look forward to getting back to the LL soon…Don

  101. JerryCan Oct 14th 2010

    I was in mid September later in the evening and there was girl who danced for me I told her I was gonna go home and jack off and think of her. Didn’t think to ask her what her name was, guess I was a little timid. I think her name might be Georgia, can’t find any pics of her though. Any way to help me out?

  102. A year or three ago there was a gorgeous tiny chocolate dancer there named Jo who gave the best private shows ever. Is she still around, maybe using a different name? I’d pay good money for another show from her.

  103. admin Oct 6th 2010

    I believe that would be lovely Arabelle! You can certainly find her on our main stage again and soon in Private Pleasures!


  104. Mr Hazel Oct 6th 2010

    Since this place is so responsive . . . I’ll bite.

    Monday afternoon around 2:00 . . . tall, black hair, lots of tattoos. One included script (perhaps in Latin) across her lower belly, plus she had tattoos up the back of her legs – looked like the seam on nylons with a rose at the top.

    Would love to catch her again.

  105. admin Oct 5th 2010


    If you are referring to yesterday, Monday Oct 4, we have our work cut out for us narrowing down the busty lady since they all had gigantic ta tas at that time. Could have been Keira, Rusty, Arabelle, or Davina…a bit more description (like hair color, specific tattoos, piercings, etc) would certainly help!

  106. PureComedy Oct 4th 2010

    Who was that absolute gorgeous girl with the greatest DD Cups and most amazing “fuck me” eyes I have ever seen dancing at 3PM on Monday…yikes…again and again..

  107. Mr Hazel Oct 4th 2010

    Had a great time there this afternoon with my little toy. The ladies sure appreciate couples . . . one even asked several times to see my sub spanked before we left . . . which of course I did just before the curtain dropped.

  108. Don,

    Having a web profile is completely optional here at the LL and, unfortunately, some of the gorgeous gals have opted not to have one. Couples are always a special treat for us here and don’t really have any rules for them. Booths 3 and 11 at the main stage are generally refered to as the ‘couples booths’, being roomier for some hot and steamy action (which we always encourage from stage!) Couples are always welcome in Private Pleasures, where exhibitionist and kinky couples can get into all kinds of scandelous play.


  109. Hi Lucky! You were AWESOME in Private Pleasures last week. Thanks.

  110. Also…What are the rules for couples being in a booth together? Are there any? Thank You…D

  111. I notice not all the girls are listed/shown in “The Lusties” link. For instance, not all the girls listed on your schedule have a profile pic. Please explain. Thank You…D

  112. I had a great time with Lucky yesterday morning in Private Pleasures. She has a great smile, among other things, and she is a lot of fun!

  113. Hi, I was wondering if Pearl is ever returning to Lusty Lady. She’s been gone for quite a while now, and I don’t know whether she’s on vacation, or have moved on for good. Her body is really beyond sexy, and she has pretty-much been the #1 reason I have been coming out to Lusty Lady in the past year. Would appreciate if you could let me know; Thanks!

  114. Maxine Rose Sep 8th 2010

    -Rocky! Sounds like Janet! She fucking hott! She’s out of town, but keep an eye out for her on the online schedule!

  115. Rocky Sep 5th 2010

    @ Maxine, It’s not Cinnamon, I think she was medium height, dark, big ass. Please tell me who it is, so that I can go watch her agian

  116. Rocketman Aug 27th 2010

    where has Galaxy gone?? haven’t seen her on the sched in a while.. please tell me she hasn’t left for good!!

  117. Maxine Rose Aug 26th 2010

    -Rocky! I think the lady you may have been referring to was Misty or Janet. Possibly Cinnamon. Was she tall and brown skinned? Or short and dark skinned with a fat ass?

  118. I have run into one of the dancers in the outside world several times. She and I must like the same music because we go to the same shows. I’ve never spoken to her in person; I’m intimidated by her beauty and would not want her to feel like I’m some creep stalking her. How do most of you ladies feel about being approached by customers if you are recognized outside the club? If I see her again, should I introduce myself?

  119. Hi Mike,

    Pregnant girls do work through their pregnancy (or at least are allowed to!) but we don’t have any right now. It is kind of sexy though.


  120. October Aug 14th 2010

    Hi fan, that was me, October. Keep an eye out for me on the schedule, and a profile here on the website – hopefully coming soon. Come back and see me! I’ll be dancing late night tomorrow, Sunday the 15th.
    – October

  121. okay I think dum spiro spero was Scarlet. I’ll be watching the schedule.

  122. dum spiro spero…..she danced last night….who was she? and when will she be back? UNBELIEVABLE

  123. I was sad to see the Seattle store close. They had some beautiful ladies there when I lived in Seattle!! Some of the best were the pregnant girls. I was surprised the first time I saw a pregnant woman dancing, but found that she was really sexy. Over the years they had many girls dance through their pregnancies – just beautiful! So I was wondering – are there any pregnant girls at your store? Are pregnant girls allowed to keep working? Just wondering.. thank you!!!

  124. I was a long time 17-year regular at the Lusty Lady, until a move out of S.F. to a different state 7-years ago diminished my visits considerably. Now, I get to the Lusty maybe twice per year, and I still love it! I was at the Lusty this past weekend, and I got 3 extremely hot main stage shows from Ginny and Princess (both on Friday afternoon) and Valencia (on Saturday afternoon). All 3 were totally hot and very engaged. Ginny, you did an awesome job “eye fucking” me, as you so aptly put it in your profile. The lighting makes it very difficult to pick out eye colors on the main stage; the fact that I could tell that your eyes are green was something else! Princess, the thought of you with a strap on having fun with me…wow, I’m standing at attention just thinking about it. Valencia, you’re just flat out gorgeous…your pictures here do not do you justice. I hope you enjoyed watching me as much as I enjoyed watching you! Great to see that the Lusty appears to be doing well (although I would have liked to have seen more customers there while I was there).

  125. Rocky Aug 9th 2010

    Who was the dark skinned girl dancing around 10:00 pm Sunday night (8th Aug)? She is sooooooooooo hot. I will definitely go back for her.

  126. Ginny, will you be back in private pleasures anytime soon?

  127. Hey S, that was me with the dagger tattoo. Ginny had the dress (Ginny_Blossom on twitter. Lucky is the asian. Glad you enjoyed us!

  128. S-
    I think you are referring to me – scarlet- and lucky! i was the one in the fishnet dress!
    glad you had fun!

  129. i was in last tuesday night and saw two amazing girls that i cant find on the site! both had pierced nipples and both were really cute. one went by shelly maybe? they probably remember us…

  130. TricksieTreat Jul 19th 2010

    Oh Babes! I miss you all so much. I’ve been scanning the facebook and website this evening. You are all so fucking bad ass and beautiful. There was some fierce ass shaking in that pride float video!

  131. Today around 1pm, three incredible ladies on the main stage were having fun and it was great to watch. One was taller, insane body, stabbed heart tattoo on the shoulder (Ginny?), a gorgeous Asian girl with perfect pierced breasts (Lucky?), and an ultra-cute and sexy gil with short dark hair and a fishnet dress (Rusty?). Did I get the names right? In any event, thanks for being so sexy and for having fun, it’s great to watch!

  132. Where’s Adore? Is there any way I could send her my LUST… even if she doesn’t want her picture posted on the internet? Her succulent titties and big round back side… her soft tan thighs and thick dark hair… her elusive eyes and coy smile…. MMmmmmmm….. Its all too much!

  133. Squirrtt!!!!

  134. Rocker Hair Lover Jul 14th 2010

    Galaxy you were so unbelievably sexy in there tonight.. you really made me transcend for a second, totally blew my mind..

  135. Someguy Jul 12th 2010

    First timer went to the LL on Saturday. There was a hot hot hot goth looking girl who totally blew my mind. She made me jizz almost immediately. I love those goth girls. The next girl who came to the window was really nice and sexy too. She tried to hypnotise me into taking off my pants but I already blew my nut. I hope she didn’t get offended I didn’t recharge quick enough to jerk off for her too. A+ the LL is awesome.

  136. Chloe Jul 9th 2010

    I’m back at the theatre for the summer! Come see me… :) Miss Chloe

  137. I love leaving you guys comments even though I have not stepped foot into LL, yet! I can hardly handle my excitement as I would love to talk to the girls about their sexuality, and I want to show them my tits too:) and my juicy bum. I have always had this fantasy of having people watch and be watched, thats all I will give away for now. Do you give spankings? I love the female form and all of its power and sensuality. I would like to get in their minds as well, what makes them tick, what turns each one of them on. I’m a slut I admit and I just want to be surrounded by sexual beings like myself. Cannot wait to see all of you!Much love,Sabrina

  138. Olivia Jul 6th 2010

    Hi John, I have the “Hellfire” tattoo on my belly, but I have black hair and used to be a blonde, I’ve never had red hair (while I worked here anyway!). Maybe your memory is blending two of us together, the best of both worlds! Come see me in Private Pleasures sometime, or on stage, I’m here all the time!

  139. My Lumberjack! The feeling is totally mutual. Come see me in Private Pleasures tomorrow (July 6) from 1am til 3am.

  140. The Lumberjack Jul 4th 2010

    Who was the cutie working late tonight (Sat 7/3) with those gorgeous eyes and the “Cock-Fighting” beltbuckle?

    hot damn she turned me on

  141. One of my faves is the rocker girl with the “Hell Fire” tattoo by her belly-button, red hair … super sexy. Where is her picture here? Can’t recall her name. I got a bit distracted.

  142. Dear Whitney,

    That would be little Ms. Tiger Lily!

  143. Hi Myles and boxmuncher,

    Be sure to check out myself, Minnie, Snow, Lucky, and Zephyr. We are five hot Asian ladies, and I’m sure there are a couple more. xoxo Ruby

  144. Whitney Jun 27th 2010

    I went to pride festival today (June 27, 2010) and saw the float you had. There was a girl closer to the back end in a silver outfit. What was her name?

  145. Natalie and Eclaire looking extra curvy. Thanks from the customer of the week winner!!!

  146. Who was on the main stage last night at midnight? When I checked the schedule this morning it has already changed. Thank you.

  147. Among your current performers, which ones are Asian?

  148. mathew Jun 18th 2010

    i’ve never seen so fluffy and sexy ass like dolores park has.. if i was the person near her house definately i would make her scream like her house on fire..

  149. snadman Jun 7th 2010

    I love the lusty. love to see more of Princess. Can’t get enough of her. She is smokin’ hot and super fun. Wish she was in PP more. Love to watch her.

  150. boxmuncher May 28th 2010

    and more asian girls ;) yumm

  151. boxmuncher May 28th 2010

    you ladies are beautiful, all shapes and sizes but I’d love to see more diversity. I’m not talkin red heads ladies, i’m talkin ethnicity. Some latinas would be nice. Bella is beautiful latina but I WANT TO SEE MORE!!

  152. Valencia May 6th 2010

    Most likely that was America. Come back and check her out!

  153. You ladies are so frickin gorgeous and fierce! I think its so wonderful that the Lusty Lady is dancer owned and operated. Hows does one become a lusty? I want to dace with you girls!

  154. America May 4th 2010

    Hi Jef! I think that must have been me… America… formerly Tallulah. I’m glad you had such a good time! I will be at the LL tonight and all weekend long. Come see me again.

  155. oh like wow who was that gorgeous woman with the fantastic buns on the late shift tuesday night wednesday morning april 27/28 ? she had a big tattoo of a nearly naked lady on her back. i checked the schedule and it seems all wrong. i would love to come back when she’s around again. but how to find out?

  156. boxmuncher Apr 24th 2010

    yes I agree with Jesse, where did Siren go? One of my favorites! There was also this dancer with wings light skinned great bubble butt small perky tits big hair where did she go? Is she coming back?

  157. Was at the LL last night and Cayenne and Alexis were such great girls, so sweet both of them. Can’t wait to see Alexis is PP again!

  158. First Timer Couple Apr 24th 2010

    Was our first time and Cayenne was our dancer, she was absolutely gorgeous!! Alexis was our PP and was a great way to end our nite, thanks Lusties!!

  159. Hi Jack. Just wanted to let you and everyone else know that I am back in pp once a week (tuesday thru saturday most likely). You definitely should stop by. (call the hotline, front desk, or check the schedule online). Hope to see you!!

  160. Anyone know what happened to Siren? Saw her a couple times and that she was gorgeous, though she seems to have disappeared. let me know!

  161. I had an very nice show from one of the dancers with a patch on her eye..she is soooo hot and her hairyarm pits is what would bring me back again and agin…dam I wanted to bust watching time I’m going to ask her to marry me…

  162. Sabrina Apr 10th 2010

    I love leaving you guys comments even though I have not stepped foot into LL, yet! I can hardly handle my excitement as I would love to talk to the girls about their sexuality, and I want to show them my tits too:) and my juicy bum. I have always had this fantasy of having people watch and be watched, thats all I will give away for now. Do you give spankings? I love the female form and all of its power and sensuality. I would like to get in their minds as well, what makes them tick, what turns each one of them on. I’m a slut I admit and I just want to be surrounded by sexual beings like myself. Cannot wait to see all of you!
    Much love,

  163. Hi chloe! When do u work at d LL?

  164. Kitty Meow McMuffin Apr 9th 2010

    p.s. come see me in private pleasures soon!

  165. Nerdy kid Apr 6th 2010

    Hello. I was the geeky kid, making fun of the really bad music. I just wanted to say thank you for making it a decent night. I enjoyed talking to all of you. It was a nice respite from the normal SF chick. Thanks again. Andrew.

  166. When is Rusty coming back to pp. I miss her!

  167. matt-
    based on the date and description, it sounds like you are referring to me on feb 19.
    please come again. ;)

  168. boxmuncher Mar 23rd 2010

    OMG I LOVE THE LUSTY LADY YALL ARE SEXY LADIES. KITTY IS SO SEXY!!! the most amazing booty i’ve ever laid my eyes on! Keep up the good work ladies!

  169. Dan the Man Mar 23rd 2010


  170. Oh, the Lusty has been on my mind for awhile now. I loved dancing there and I loved all of the girls who were dancing with me. I found out so much about myself and my sexuality. The Lusty gave me a confidence about myself and about my body. Even though, it didn’t work out I’m very happy that I was a part of the Lusty even if it was for a short period of time. I’m very supportive of this positive environment. The women are amazing and I learned a lot.

    The Lusty Lady shaped me in so many ways and is still influencing my life. I just wanted to stop by your website (which looks amazing btw) and let all you Lusties know that you had such a huge impact in my life.

    Thank you for all the sexy memories! I hope to see you all again soon as a faithful and loyal customer just trying to get my fantasies out! Love you sexy kittens!! MWAH


  171. maxine rose Mar 15th 2010

    Matt! who saw a girl on 2/5 with large natural breast and glasses. It sounds like you saw rusty ramone. if you’d like to see her in pp let us know!

  172. Sandy Bottoms Mar 14th 2010

    Dear Johnny Bluejeans,

    According to an old schedule that could have either been me (Sandy Bottoms) or Miss Crush. Pleasure meeting you either way!

  173. Tiger Lily Mar 12th 2010

    Matt- Thanks for the praise! I changed my name to Tiger Lily, I’d love it if you came to see me again. You’re so sweet.
    -Tiger Lily (formerly Kiwi)

  174. johnny bluejeans Mar 12th 2010

    Went in on tuesday(3/9) around 1 pm. I must know the name of the girl with brown hair and shorts bangs. Real Talk: I about died when I saw her.

  175. doorman Mar 8th 2010

    What happened to Glitter and Orlandoe? My two favorite lusties dissappeared!!

  176. Andy G Mar 1st 2010

    Wish I knew who that was last Wednesday night but no pictures so I can only guess. If there were photos then I’d know who she was and come back when she’s on the schedule again.

  177. Had a great late Thursday afternoon watching Siren. Wonderful smile, fantastic eyes . . . and the rest wasn’t bad either. Please post her photo with the other Ladies. I miss her already.

  178. That sounds like Vivien~!

  179. TricksieTreat Feb 25th 2010

    I miss you all so much!! I will always be a Lusty in my heart <3

  180. I fuckin love this place! Came in tonight, and saw this sexy petite \thang with a great ass.

    Thanks again!!!

  181. alberto2 Feb 19th 2010

    Who’s the blonde girl danced a handstand today(Feb 18th)? That’s really awsome!!!!

  182. The woman I saw in Private Pleasures around 11pm to Midnight November 4-5, 2009 had Blue (I think) square-ish glasses and was extremely nice. She just had a terrific vibe. I don’t think her picture is visible on this site and, alas, I can’t remember if she told me what name she goes by at the LL. But I told her I’d be back when I visit SF again in a few months and she said she’d probably be there; I hope she is !

  183. Also, who is the wondeful woman with glasses, Large natural breasts, and a Chinese sleeve tattoo?
    You worked the Friday afternoon shift on 2/5

  184. Hi, Love you all. Kiwi, you blew my mind on Thursday 2/4. I was the one who said I love you. The red hair, glasses, amazing tight body, beautiful natural breasts and your delicious pussy and ass are the stuff dreams are made of. Hope you get some photos posted!!!

  185. Princess! I miss you. I miss the Lusty. :’(

  186. georgia Jan 31st 2010

    hey ladies,

    You all should post more pics of all the rest of the beautiful lusties!

  187. Vivien Jan 10th 2010

    Miss Orlandoe moved to the city so nice, they named it twice, NY. But I’m sure she’ll do guest appearances! We will pass on your comments.

    Thanks to everyone who leaves such nice things. And check out our online schedule (finally!).



  189. OMG…you put my photo in the menu…*blushes* you guys are so rad…*sighs*…so rad.

  190. I miss you sexy babes…<33 XOXOXO

  191. Hey ladies,

    My boyfriend and I come in there once a month or so, and everytime we do a little bit more in the booths at the main stage, we love when you guys talk to us. You are beautiful ladies!!!

    P.S. next time you ask to see my tits, I will show you ;)

  192. Wow, nice new site. Looks like a bunch of new girls, though. What happened to April?

  193. you shud ask a question about there sexuality.

  194. Violet Oct 31st 2009

    Hi Joe,

    That must have been me! I have 38H tits and brown hair. Sorry I didn’t see this until now! You can call the hot line to find out when I’ll be there. I’m usually there either Friday or Sunday for the 11 am to 3 pm shift. Tomorrow I’ll be in Private Pleasures from 11 am to 12:45 pm.


  195. nice new layout :)


  196. Sweet blond tonite Tue 10/20…was worried the door was open to my booth…very, very sweet.

  197. Hi all,
    Great new look to the site! I would like to see curvier girls!

  198. Nice but who was the big girl with the huge tits I was in there last week. Brown hair. Huge tits.

  199. you guys changed the site! Looks wonderful!

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