Chloe Cadaver





Name: Chloe CadaverBio: “Post-modern Sleaze”

What’s your sign? Taurus

Favorite Music: A Perfect Circle, Hole, Amy Winehouse

Favorite Movies: Girl Interrupted, Clueless

Favorite Books: Memoirs Of a Geisha, Violet & Claire

What’s on your nightstand? Rosary & candles

Naughtiest place you’ve ever had sex: A cemetery

3 Favorite Things Ever: Cats, Cupcakes, Kissing Girls

What’s your favorite thing about working at the Lusty Lady? Working on my flexibility ;)

What always makes you cum?: Being dominated

Favorite Sex Toy: My pink vibrator

What part of your body do you think is sexiest?: My eyes & A$$

Ninja or Pirate?: Mermaid

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  1. j mac Jun 9th 2012

    Just wanted to throw a compliment your way. I stopped in the lusty about a year ago and had a private booth chat with you. it was pretty amazing…..Your look, sexiness, empowerment and talk were all a big turn on. I moved to Philly shortly after that, but hopefully will be in the Bay area soon. Peace & Light

  2. Giorgio Jan 8th 2012

    Were you working Saturday 1/7 at around 1015 pm? If so, I think I fell in love…

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