Kitty Me-Ow McMuffin

Kitty Me-Ow McMuffin

Kitty Me-Ow McMuffin

Kitty Me-Ow McMuffin

Kitty Me-Ow McMuffin

Kitty Me-Ow McMuffin

Kitty Me-Ow McMuffin

your dirty mind

I love to get naked & show off my booty shaking skills. I have some secret skills that you may also want to see. Ask nicely and who knows you may be lucky.

What’s your sign?

What’s your favorite position?
front piggy riding while standing

What’s your favorite band or musician?
anything that makes my booty move

What’s your favorite movie or director?
my favorite directors are: Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Andrew Blake

What’s your favorite book or author?
Creepy Susie

What’s on your nightstand?
a pink kitty riding crop, some rope and a camera

What are your 3 Favorite Things Ever?
chocolate, bacon, love(n)

What celebrity would you most like to have sex with?
audrey tatou

What’s the naughtiest place you’ve ever had sex?
on my boyfriend’s sister’s bed with her boyfriend

What’s your favorite thing about working at the Lust Lady?
I love all the hot naked girls, major perk.

What always makes you cum?
cunnilingus by a truly talented tongue, girl-girl 69 is the best!

What’s your favorite sex toy?
My Feeldoe; a strap-less strap-on with vibrator for both.

What part of your body do you think is sexiest?
all the parts that are attached. I do like my ass a lot though.

Tell us about your defining moment.
double-teaming two girls in a wrestling match and fucking them on top of each other at the same time in front of 100′s of onlookers at PowerExchange!! CRAZY HOTT!

Ninja? Or Pirate?

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12 Replies

  1. Had such a good time with you today in PP you are too sexy… couldn’t find you on FB though :( Until next time I suppose.

  2. Oh my God, Kitty i’ve been practicing that little wiggly walk bellydance move you taught me–jeez, my hips are so sore! And damn that’s a workout– i can’t believe you manage to do that for 4 hours straight on a dance shift. Wowee!

  3. kitty Mar 2nd 2011

    Oh no we missed you @ Gus….We can schedule a double trouble together soon….Lucky and I have been meaning to get it on for awhile….Do you have anytime after the 17th so we can plan for you?!
    let us know asap!!!!!

  4. Hi Kitty. Can I get you and Lucky in the VIP tomorrow (Friday) around noon?

  5. kitty meow Feb 10th 2011

    Hey Gus and anyone else needing a fantastic show from me…..I’ll be in Private Pleasures late nite tonight 1-3am and noontime 11-12:45pm on Friday……
    let’s have a good sexy time together!!!!

  6. Hiya Kitty! I caught you in Private Pleasures last week in the morning…..and it was fantastic. You are great. Thanks for a good time.

  7. Kitty Meow McMuffin Aug 12th 2010

    I’m in Private Pleasures tonight 9-10:45….If you liked my show in the past, you will surely love it even more now. If you haven’t seen me yet, you best get your butt in here or forever not know what naughty adventures you are missing……..

  8. Kitty gave me the best private show EVER! I can still remember every second of it and it has been months. She can definitely make anyone feel comfortable and excited. HIGHLY recommended, naughty would be understatement.

  9. Kitty Meow McMuffin Jul 8th 2010

    hey Leah! I’m so glad to excite you while I’m oozing out my sexiness. I do hope to see you very soon in PP….I’ll be there tomorrow…..XxX

  10. Put on a great show last time I saw her, and just oozes sexiness. Plus her appearance at the Lex was exciting to lezzies like me! Someday I hope to catch her at PP as well ^_^.

  11. Kitty Meow McMuffin Mar 24th 2010

    thanks Sean4Sure!!!!
    I do naughty things in the private pleasures booth indeed.
    I hope you aren’t too shy or religious to cum and check it out first hand. Let’s just say I’ve never had any complaints :)

  12. Sean4Sure Mar 11th 2010

    The best booty from behind and pussy cup I’ve ever seen! Kitty gets me off everytime. Would love to see the kind of naughty things she does in pp!

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