Hometown: Oxnard, CASign: VirgoFavorite Sex toy: I can’t decide between my big black Share strapless strap-on dildo and my Hitachi Massager. Depends on my mood ;)

What celebrity would you like most to have sex with: Right now I’m pretty wet over Christian Bale *swoon!*
Favorite Position: Anything in the ass! It hits my g-spot so hard!

Favorite Books: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski and the Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey

Favorite Movies: Bound, The Matrix, Memento, Dogma, Moulin Rouge, Labyrinth, Serenity.

Sexiest Body Part: My deliciously jiggly booty – you could just take a bite out of it (and please do)!

What always make you come?: Being pounded, hard, by a big cock or dildo.

Defining moment: Realizing I’m polyamorous – having more love and sex in my life just opens up so many possibilities!

Favorite thing about working at the Lusty: I feel so powerful and in control of my work!


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  1. Would you believe me if said I’m in love baby I want you I need you you got me up all nite singing love songs…….and mean I that for real sometimes when I see you I just want let you know that so now you know….Karl….

  2. Karl koolpapa May 4th 2013

    you are stunning. I wish you were here and will see you soon. I’ve missed your perfection. much love -Karl.

  3. Thanks for the AMAZING show in PP this evening. You are GORGEOUS!!!!

  4. Reuben Aug 24th 2012

    Hey there beautiful. I was lucky enough to catch you in PP on my trip to San Francisco last week and I have to confess, I’ve been replaying that show in my head over and over…you were fucking hot! Can’t wait for my next business trip out west!

  5. Miranda Jul 9th 2012

    Woohoo! I spot that chalice tattoo! I’m a UU too :)

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