Lusty Lady Holiday Party Friday Dec 10th!


Horror X
Dj Lady-O from Ships in the Night
CIP from Underground SF

Thanks to Raffle items from:

Good Vibrations
Annie Sprinkle

For more information:

DNA Lounge

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Zombie Strippers!

In the not too distant future (Friday October 29th to be exact) a chemo-virus gets released into the dark allies of San Francisco’s North Beach district, landing in the dark red halls of the Lusty Lady Theatre. The virus begins to spread, turning the girls into super human Zombie Strippers, who are caged and ready for blood lust. Come witness these live dead nudes two nights before Hallloween 2010 from 11 to 3 am, it’ll surely get your pulse racing!

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Lusty Lady Playday RXXX!

Come join us October 16th at the Lusty Lady Theater for 16 hours of non-stop naughty nurse action starting at 11 am! We Lusty gals will harbor no inhibitions as we come out from behind the glass to play. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to have a Lusty lapdance, foot worship sessions, view multiple girl-on-girl shows, meet and greet porn stars and sexologists, and all the other dirty activities we’ve been wanting to show you all year!

$5 entry before 10pm, $10 after. Age 18+ with ID

*Percentage of door proceeds benefit St. James Clinic*

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Lusty Ladies at the Erotic Film Fest

Lusty Ladies at the Erotic Film Fest!

Come join us this Thursday September 23rd at the Castro Theater for Good Vibration’s fifth annual Indie Erotic Film Festival for  margaritas, music, naughty films, drag queens, Dr. Carol Queen, and more! It’s sure to be a stimulating evening! Keep an eye out for our scantily clad Lusty Lady cigarette girls.

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Danger at the Drag King Contest


Oh gosh, the outrageous Lusty Ladies have done it again, causing scandal and mayhem at this year’s Drag King Contest this past Friday, August 20. Although our Ladies tried to keep on their very best behavior while go-go dancing and ogling over the hot hott hottt performers (Fudgie, oh Fudgie Frottage!) we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, leading one sexy Lusty pair to slip not so sneakily into the bathroom for some steamy, echo-y girl-on-girl action. Overheard in the middle of their tryst, the pair was caught sticky handed and asked to vacate the premises. Meanwhile, while shaking and shimmying, another scantily clad Lady falsely accused of other debaucheries was last seen fleeing the scene in nothing more than high-heels and a bikini, making us think our new advertisement is more than appropriate for such titillating Ladies!

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Amateur Nights

Please keep an eye on our online schedule and keep tabs on our hotline to find out when you can witness hot new things vying for the chance to become a Lusty Lady! If interested in trying out, stop by our front desk and fill out an application.

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Nude Girls Unite on Netflix

See it now on Netflix on demand but only until this Wednesday, April 21st!

Live Nude Girls Unite!
This critically acclaimed documentary follows a group of San Francisco exotic dancers who decide to unionize to gain better wages and sick pay and to protect themselves against secret customer videotapes. Julia Query, a dancer at the Lusty Lounge, leads the unionization effort as the workers sort out their demands and go through the difficulties of bargaining with the union-busting law firm their managers hire.

Live Girls Unite on Netflix

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Wondercon Weekend at the Lusty Lady!

If you’ve ever wanted to act out your graphic novel fantasies, come see our sexy superhero girls this weekend

Friday, April 2-Sunday April 4th.

Special one-on-one Private Pleasure shows with Wondercon credentials all weekend.  Live, nude peep show open from 11a-3a every day!

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Lusty Schedule is On-Line!

Our schedule is now available on line. check the full schedule online for this week!
then head on down to see your favorite Lusty in action!

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Annual Lusty Lady Holiday Party Dec. 13, 2009 at the Make-Out Room, San Francisco!

Annual Lusty Lady Holiday Party Dec. 13, 2009 at the Make-Out Room, San Francisco!

Annual Lusty Lady Holiday Party Dec. 13, 2009 at the Make-Out Room, San Francisco!

Come celebrate the holiday with the country’s only unionized cooperative peepshow on Sunday Dec. 13, 2009 (doors at 8pm) at the Make-Out Room, 3225 22nd St, San Francisco!!  It’s your chance to party with the Lusty Ladies LIVE, with Lusty Lady drink specials, a Ms. Tank Girl Pageant, Side Show Performance, Lusty Lady Lap Dances, and dancing all around!  $10 cover or $7 if you come in costume…..

RSVP on Facebook

Check out our video invite !!!!

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