Bay Area

She’s THE original caramel cutie with THE super juicy booty. She’s sweet and spicy.

What are your favorite gifts?
Check my Amazon wish list.

What’s your sign?

What’s your favorite position?
Face down ass up!

What’s your favorite band or musician?
Yin Yang twinz

What’s your favorite movie or director?
Live Nude Girls Unite!

What’s your favorite book or author?
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

What’s on your nightstand?
a collar

What are your 3 Favorite Things Ever?
Spank … My … Ass

What’s the naughtiest place you’ve ever had sex?
Booth number 11 at the Lusty Lady

What’s your favorite thing about working at the Lust Lady?
All the hott girls!

What always makes you cum?
Face down ass up! That’s the way I like to ….

What’s your favorite sex toy?
I have vibrators galour!

What part of your body do you think is sexiest?
Big Booty hoes, up wit it!

Tell us about your defining moment.
When Wendy spanks me.

Ninja? Or Pirate?
I’ve got lots of booty, so I’ll say pirate!

4 Replies

  1. Damn!!
    Look who’s all grown up…=)

  2. Cinnamon,
    You are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I look forward to seeing you the next time I’m in the area.

  3. Johnny Sep 4th 2010

    Cinnamon you Are soooo HOT!!!!!!!! I want to spank your big booty! Cant wait to see you tommorow. Dam I wish I could be the lucky guy on booth 11 haha ;)

  4. Cinnamon I love these hot new pics!!! Wow! I think your booty is so great, especially when you make it clap and smash things with it!

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