Fauna Fox

Fauna Fox

Fauna Fox

Fauna Fox

Fauna Fox

Fauna Fox

Fauna Fox

Fauna Fox

The Moon

What are your favorite gifts?
Visit my wishlist

What’s your sign?

What’s your favorite band or musician?
You really have to make me pick?! I would have to say Nirvana, Beach House, Fleet Foxes, Neutral Milk Hotel…

What’s your favorite movie or director?
Lost in Translation

What’s your favorite book or author?
Story of O

What’s on your nightstand?
Coffee cups, nail polish, lube, my Hitachi!

What are your 3 Favorite Things Ever?
Kitties, coffee, fresh air

What celebrity would you most like to have sex with?
Ryan Gosling. Or Paz de la Huerta. Or both.

What’s the naughtiest place you’ve ever had sex?
The beach… with people walking by… oops!

What’s your favorite thing about working at the Lusty Lady?
I’m surrounded by amazing, talented, beautiful women all day

What’s your favorite sex toy?
How could I not mention Mr. Hitachi. He’s the boss.

What part of your body do you think is sexiest?
Thighs (;

Tell us about your defining moment.
Stepping onto that stage during my audition at the Lusty.

Ninja? Or Pirate

5 Replies

  1. Brilliant, unbelievably sexy gem! You would expect to see a girl like this in Hollywood…

  2. Fauna Fox is way, way hot. She smolders with her every move..

  3. I work with her. Shes great

  4. Great personality and sweet I thank that you are a keeper….

  5. This girl is so funny. She has an adorable personality and always makes me smile. lol :)

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