Jo Jo

Jo Jo

Jo Jo

Jo Jo

Jo Jo

Hometown: A little tiny town that no has ever heard of, we’ll just call it far away

Bio: I’m a smalltown girl that had a repressed upbringing, then once I moved out of my parents cage, I indulged in a sinful life and never looked back. I’m an artist, love self expression, and non judgmental free spirits. Most importantly I believe living life in the moment cause that’s all we have.

Gifts: flowers or chocolates at the front desk…and good old fashion money…why lie?

Sign: I’m a sassy gemini

Favorite Books: Anything suspenseful and romantic

Whats on your nightstand: My nail file, lube for sensitive skin, and my pink mini Wanachi

Naughtiest place I have ever had sex:

Don’t want to say, not sure if its legal

3 favorite things ever:

Love, ice cream, girls who flirt with me

What celebrity would you most likely have sex with: Freida pinto, beautiful and so sweet looking, would like to get stuck on an elevator with her

Favorite thing about working at the Lusty: the beautiful confident women

What always makes you cum: blind folds, and feathers tickling me

Favorite sex toy: my mind

What part of your body is the sexiest: cliche, but my tits and my ass

Defining moment: When I stripped down to nothing at a party while playing strip poker, quite liberating and felt right at home, hence why I work at the Lusty

Ninja or Pirate:
I’m too submissive to be a ninja, so I will have to go with pirate I guess…I’m sure I can make an eye patch look sexy

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  1. Damn, Jo Jo! You’re so hott! So glad you got a profile up! Hopefully I’ll see you around soon!

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