Roxanne Redmeat



What’s your sign? GeminiFavorite Music: ween and cypress hill

Favorite Movies: anchorman, natural born killers, Pina

Favorite Books:anything by Kurt Vonnegut, Margaret Atwood or Tom Robbins

What’s on your nightstand? weed, water, a book

Naughtiest place you’ve ever had sex: in the back of the bus,an elevator, on the street

3 Favorite Things Ever weed ,my cat, love makin

What’s your favorite thing about working at the Lusty Lady? my Amozing coworkers

Favorite Sex Toy:boys

What part of your body do you think is sexiest? BOOTY.

favorite position: Left Field

Ninja or Pirate? spy

visit my wishlist, i luv shoes! size 6.

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  1. Hi Roxanne, If I may ask, what is your shoe size? Thanks, Jay

  2. Karl koolpapa May 4th 2013

    We stayed up late to watch the show. dont ever change or start moving slow. my friend and I will see you in person soon. much love Karl and Dan.

  3. Roxann you sweeties and you make full me full of lust, you go as you we know and can’t wait to see you do what you so well,one love to all karl

  4. She is so nice and beautiful and a great dancer and brilliant conversationalist

  5. Sean4Sure Jan 15th 2013

    what a body! beautiful ass!

  6. I’ve been by to see you a few times and had to intervene in my inclination toward obsession with the likes of the exquisite Roxanne and her delicious charms. Your alabaster skin and perfectly formed anal orifice are irresistable and make me want to spend all my time, energy and funds on looking at you, being near you and fantasizing about you. Please do not reply to this comment, as I fear that in doing so, you will open the flood-gates of deep desire and obsession which will only end in my total financial ruin. I saw you on BART one night. Remember?
    Love you, Roxanne TomE

  7. steven Jun 20th 2012

    Rox -WOW! The hottest booty on stage! Thanks for the orgasm!

  8. steven Mar 16th 2012

    Roxanne – You are so hot!

  9. ThePeeper Mar 15th 2012

    Absolutely the HOTTEST lady there. RAWR!

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